2009-12-21 09:50:36 - Finally christmas again

2009 is almost over and 2010 soon begins. Hopefully 2010 continues as good as the end of 2009.
Merry christmas and a happy new year!

2009-10-14 07:52:45 - Kitesession at Øysand

Had a nice session at Øysand last week which Inge R. filmed. I am the one trying to do a rotation with kiteloop. Still got some work to do on that!

2009-09-19 13:44:47 - Today is a fantastic day

Until today, there has been a major part missing from this webpage; Norwegian characters. Somehow I've never bothered to fix it, but today I decided, after having this webpage since 2002, that enough is enough. So: Enjoy in all it's splendour, UTF-8: ø æ æ Ø Æ Å ü ä ë ï

In addition, I've added Cooliris to the gallery. After entering a category, press the "Start Slidehow" link, or start Cooliris if you got the application installed.

2009-09-12 00:11:57 - New kite and epic session!

Kite addict..I know..bought a Cabrinha Nomad 11m2 from the nice people at now I have a quiver of three kites. One too much but it flies quite different from my other Crossbow kites. It's mainly a freestyle/wave kite with fast turning and low bar pressure. Havent had the possibility to use it much yet, but I hope I will soon! Atleast when I am going to Egypt.

In other news I had an crazy session wednesday on my 9m2 Crossbow in winds between 10-22ms averaging 13-14ms. The wind wasnt gusty, but varying like a sine wave. A lot of boosting!

09.09 kl: 12:10 10.27 7.60 13.00
09.09 kl: 12:20 13.02 9.80 16.60
09.09 kl: 12:30 13.38 10.30 17.40
09.09 kl: 12:40 13.89 9.80 18.40
09.09 kl: 12:50 14.51 10.80 18.40
09.09 kl: 13:00 14.85 10.80 21.90
09.09 kl: 13:10 13.52 10.30 17.40
09.09 kl: 13:20 13.33 9.80 20.60
09.09 kl: 13:30 13.13 9.80 17.40
09.09 kl: 13:40 13.22 9.80 17.40
09.09 kl: 13:50 13.51 9.40 19.70

Image text.

2009-09-01 07:04:12 - Article in the local newspaper

The local newspaper in my hometown Fosnavaag asked if they could make an article about kiting, the result, a full page article in Vestlandsnytt. Not everything in the article is correct, but that is only minor errors (I used a 13m2 kite, not 14m2 etc). Read the article here.

2009-06-13 15:09:58 - New camera!

Bought myself a new waterproof Go Pro camera. Not the best videoquality, but acceptable. Not much wind this day, but enough to make kite!

2009-03-30 08:05:34 - Slideshow from the Norwegian Snowkite Championship

Remember to enable HD mode! Thanks to the people taking the photographs.

2009-01-17 18:15:59 - Speed kiting

Another week with little snow falling down, and combined with the rain little over a week ago, the conditions in the mountain ain't the best. But today the forecast reported a lot of wind, so we had to try. We went to Skarvatnet close to Oppdal. The lake was frozen with a little snow on top. The wind was really strong and gusty when we came, so some of the guys didnt attempt to kite and left.

Despite the bad conditions it was funny to try getting as much speed as possible with my Cabrinha Crossbow 9m2 kite. Using my mobilephone with GPS and an application called TrekBuddy installed I recorded a top speed of 69km/t and a distance of 21km covered in one hour. The GPS really adds an extra dimension to kiting.

From the GPS log

Cabrinha Crossbow IDS 9m2

A few TKK guys

Kite course