2011-12-15 18:01:00 - Last kitesession on water for 2011?

Had a great session on the water during the storm Berit late November. I guess the next session will be on snow, before going to Boracay in february :D

2011-12-15 17:58:40 - Summertrip up Munkestigen

Had a nice climbing trip up Munkestigen in june. Munkestigen is a via ferrata where you clip onto a wire while climbing up the path. We chose the wrong way down, but in the end, that just made the trip even better :D

2011-08-18 11:28:46 - Summer is over

And it feels kinda sad! Was going to kite at a place called Stuggusjøen sunday, but the wind was too gusty. Nice place though!

2011-08-10 13:31:39 - Summervacation is over...

Back at work, waiting for the autumn storms to arrive :D

2011-07-13 11:16:08 - Vacation

Currently enjoying vacation in China. Today i visited the Forbidden City, and generally walked a lot :)

2011-06-16 10:11:58 - Great session at Øysand!

Had a fantastic session at Øysand last friday, mixed with some waiting because of thunderclouds. For all photos, check out the gallery. Last photo below is from saturday.


On saturday there was a big thunderstorm lasting for 2-3 hours. Tried to film some of it at Øysand, but I've been too lazy to edit the video. Jump to 2:38 for some action.

2011-06-15 16:38:51 - Website available on a new URL

This website is now available at in addition to :)

2011-05-18 00:06:48 - 17.May and a short video from easter

The 17.May is the national day of Norway and is celebrated both with style, and not so much style. Anyway, in celebration of 17.May, I want to post this YouTube video:

Just a short video from easter (same day as photos below). Nothing special, but fun? Yep! Looking forward for some kite action again :) And getting a new wetsuit/kiteboard soon, if I can decide what to buy :P

2011-05-16 12:38:38 - 2011-04-24 - Nice day at Remøyholmen

While celebrating easter at home with parents, the southwestern winds came again. It was time to go kitesurfing on my Cabrinha Nomad 11m2 :). Check out a few photos here


2011-04-18 15:10:25 - Fantastic day at Øysand!

4,5 hours with kiting at Øysand yesterday, the temperature was quite nice :D


2011-03-25 12:55:43 - 19.03 - A beautiful day

Had a beautiful day kitesurfing (Cabrinha Crossbow 13m2) AND snowkiting (Cabrinha Nomad 11m2) during the same day a week ago. Life is good.

2011-03-12 18:48:27 - Nukin' at Meråker today

Windy at Meråker today, had some fun with my Cabrinha Nomad 7m2, but had to give up after an hour or so.

2011-02-09 08:05:53 - First kitesurfing session this season!

Had my first kitesurfing session on Øysand last weekend of January. +1 degrees and hail, a fresh feeling!

2011-02-08 13:48:15 - Fixed the guestbook

Looks like it hasn't been working for a coupe of years :P But working now! :)